Acoustics and Physical Agents

FLA’s Acoustics and Physical Agents division studies all physical environmental factors that can endanger human health and the quality of life. The Foundation assists Lombardy local authorities in setting up their Acoustic Recovery and Classification Plans, thanks to the work of leading experts and the use of state-of-the-art technologies. The division has also completed the MIRCA (Acoustic Classifications’ Regional Computer-based Mosaic) project, which helped obtain and digitally rework the Acoustic Classification Plans of all Lombardy municipalities.
The project aimed at setting up a computer-based land registry available on the Lombardy Regional Council geoportal. FLA also provides local authorities with guidelines to set up their Plans and to implement protocols for their submission to the Regional Council.
M.I.R.C.A. (Mosaico Informatico Regionale della Classificazioni Acustiche)

Acquisizione e rielaborazione in formato digitale dei Piani di Classificazione Acustica di tutti i comuni lombardi

Piani di risanamento acustico comunale

Piani di risanamento acustico di Seveso e Parabiago