Environmental education

To accomplish its mission, FLA implements programs for students and educators, promoting science activities and lectures; free-of-charge publications and board games are available to thousands of elementary, middle and high school students to learn about environmental issues, while contributing to the mission of safeguarding the environment. FLA’s Education and School Programs division also works with important regional partners (among which the Lombardy Regional Council and Fondazione Cariplo) in the promotion of research projects on sustainable development to help young people get involved in protecting the environment. FLA also provides the Lombardy Regional Council with technical and scientific support in the designing of teaching projects which might help include environmental education in national school programs.

Il sito completamente dedicato all'educazione ambientale di Fondazione Lombardia per l'Ambiente

Ambientando 2010

Concorso per ragazzi delle classi prime, seconde e terze delle scuole secondarie di I grado della Lombardia

Usiamo la testa, non le risorse: consumiamo sostenibile

Un percorso di educazione ambientale sui temi dello sviluppo sostenibile e della promozione di un consumo consapevole

La Terra tra le Mani

Al centro del progetto: lo sviluppo sostenibile, con particolare riferimento alle risorse ambientali, culturali e umane delle comunità coinvolte