The Seveso Study and Research Centre

A leading scientific study centre on environmental protection


The Seveso Study and Research Centre was established by Fondazione Lombardia per l’Ambiente, the Lombardy Regional Council and the Municipality of Seveso: by September 2010, the centre will be operational as an educational and research centre dedicated to the development of state-of-the-art studies on the environment and life quality, thus witnessing the commitment of Lombardy scientific community and institutions to sustainability. On May 30, 2005, FLA’s Board of Directors has announced a public grant for the design of the Centre, awarding Architect Giuseppe Marinoni on April 19, 2006: he designed a three-storey building (plus basement), total surface 1,600 square metres. The Seveso Centre, which will be opening to the public in September 2010, has been built following state-of-the-art building techniques and uses only renewable energy. Architect Marinoni’s project includes the following:

Basement – Services: archives, technical equipment storage rooms
The basement will host the Centre’s technical equipment storage rooms and all facilities needed to maintenance; a specific room will be dedicated to the administrative archive.
 Ground Floor – the Earth: participation and information
The ground floor will host rooms for seminars, conferences and debates. In this area, 250-participants events can be set up. Simultaneous interpreting facilities and services will be provided, as well as video-projection facilities and exhibitions.
First Floor – the Contents: the archive, memory and research
The first floor is the core area of the Centre: most of this area will host a state-of-the-art scientific library on technological hazards. The Centre will promote research projects, study programs and workshops, educational and professional environmental training activities.
Second Floor – the Sky: study, work, partnerships, knowledge
The second floor will host the local offices of Agenzia Brianza – Local Agenda 21, Arpa (Lombardy Regional Agency for environmental protection), Lombardy Regional Council and the Province of Monza and Brianza.
• Grounds
In compliance with current town planning and technical restrictions, the grounds surrounding the Centre will be designed to help the public benefit and enjoy the Centre facilities easily.

Technical features of the building and eco-compatibility

The adopted bioclimatic and eco-efficiency requirements, together with specific plant-engineering tools, will turn the Seveso Centre into a top energy-performance building.

The following integrated plant-engineering options have been worked out:

• Energy-saving plant management and use of renewable, non-polluting energy;
• Top flexibility in the use of spaces, and planning of low-cost, easy-to-do interventions for their possible change of destination;
• Top flexibility in the functions of spaces: each area will have independent opening hours;
• Low plant maintenance and operation costs, and optimization of maintenance and control loops.

To achieve all this, civil engineers worked so that:

• Air-conditioning is based on groundwater and on a passive office-cooling system running through “underfloor heating panels”;
• Heat pumps replace the traditional thermal station, resulting in lower building maintenance and running costs. Thanks to heat pumps, the plant will be a zero-emission facility;
• Once groundwater has been used for technological purposes, a specific system delivers it into the small lake facing the building; afterwards, groundwater will be filtered, taken to ambient temperature and delivered into the Seveso torrent, running right behind the building.

Watch the pictures taken at the Seveso Study and Research Centre building site.

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